Thomas Lebeau, Freelance web developer & designer

Bonjour, I'm Thomas Lebeau

I'm your freelance developer & designer for your web projects. I listen to your needs to provide beautiful and mobile friendly website with pixel perfect design and search engine optimised code.

Handcrafted code

Coding by hand ensure me a control on every pixel of the page to offer you perfect designs. I'm using lasts standards such as HTML5 and CSS3 with a touch of JS to build to-notch websites.

Mobile friendly website

I use responsive design techniques to garanty you the best user experience on every screen size, from desktop computers to mobile phones. In the meantime I'm able to ensure a maximum compatibility to old browsers.

Search engine optimization

I rely on Google's recomendations on organic search engine optimisation to maximize your visibility on Internet.

Get in Touch!

You have a website project you want me to work on? Let's start now, drop me a line.